There has begun the powerful computerizing of our institute after onset the new chief Prof. Z. Tomori in 1988. First personal computer (the wonder from Slušovice - 286/12 MHz) at the faculty (and one of the first at Košice at all) was started up at our department. Information technology, step by step, has begun used at many different spheres of research and teaching; at our institute mainly in monitoring and evaluating of acute experiments in animals, in pathophysiology of the terminal stages, in the preparation of publication and in the automation of administration and paperwork. Also, our institute was one of the first, where was realized connection to the EARN - European Academic and Research Network (by modem and tf. line we connected through UVT to the server of the Czech Technical University at Prague). Later, "during another chiefs" (Assoc. Prof. Šofranková and Assoc.Prof. Rácz), information technology had green light, too. As a participant in various projects (some ones having international basic) succeed to obtain resource for another development of this sphere. Through sponsors was build Local Area network and obtained another computers.

Present day

Local area network (1Gb/s) is functioning attached with 15 PC's. Could be say, that every worker has own PC on the desk and is independent in this way. There are two network printers available and graphics station for the final emendation of publication. These equipment allow us to create textbooks and schoolbooks right at the institute. For practical lessons we have multimedia supported PC with output even TV or multi-projector, respectively. Other two PC's equipped with system ALICE and NIGHTWATCH respectively, is intended for evaluation of breathing disorders during sleep.


In the last 15 years a lot of programs and methods were created at our institute in the research of upper airway reflexes etc. Firstly, we executed measurement by microcomputer PMD-85. Turning point is year 1990, when we buy measurement system LabWindows (National Instruments), which performance parameters are high to the present days. Multifunctional card AT-MIO-16-L9 can acquire any signal on the disk (at 100kSamples /sec.). Based on this system and co-operated with Department of Computers and Informatics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Technical University, was created software for 8-channel data acquisition, as a student's final thesis. Related this was created program for evaluate breathing parameters. Co-operated with Technical University were created another programs - Evaluating of power and coherent spectra of EEG and EMG signals, later program - Landscape representation of time-dependent values. Independently, in 1991 one-channel evaluation program of breathing was created at our department. Based on the AT-MIO-16-L9 was created also program for evaluation of evoked potentials. Other measurement card PCL-812 co-operate with program for pressure stimulation of upper airways. There were a few little programs. For example: acquisition dates from biochemical analyser COBAS-MIRA or Y2k solution for some older BIOS-s. Unfortunately, in this sphere came depression along with depression of full basis research. In spite of this we like hand over our experiences.



When the network structure of our institute and entire faculty was completed, good conditions were created for the network computerizing and especially internet. In year 2000 started the web server at our institute without additional costs for the hardware. The tasks were to present the institute and its results, to make access to the institute information easier and especially, to improve accessibility to the study materials for students. According the students' response, mostly, improvement in this sphere is appreciable. The modification of the network to the TP cabling improved also accessibility to the web server. In 2010 server was moved to the better "iron" that means improved accessibility, too.


Since year 2003 the general information about our institute and about the web update is available also via wap access from the mobile phone. The server decides itself, which version (html or wml) will used  according the client browser. At is also available free full web-browser (EDGE/GPRS/3G) for different platforms of mobile devices.

Košice, 2010

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